How To Create an Inventory For Your Storage

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How To Create An Inventory & Organise Your Self Storage

12 Apr 2022 –– Tips & Advice

Whether you already have storage or are just putting your items together, it's a good idea to make an inventory list of what you are storing away.

It's best to go through any boxes first and make sure you know what's in each one, especially if you will frequently be dipping in and out of your stored items. 

For each box, empty the box's contents or do this checklist as you put the items into the boxes.

  1.  Create a list of each item
  2.  Name both the box and the inventory list the same thing, for example, "office equipment."
  3.  If you want to be super organised, you could make two copies of the list and attach one to the box so you can see instantly if the item you're looking for is in   there.
  4.  Group any boxes for the same room, whether it is on the same shelf or just in the same area. Labelling your shelves associated with a room/theme is an   excellent way to organise the boxes.
  5.  Create a master spreadsheet - if you're an Excel whizz, this could be a great idea to update, add or remove any items as you go along.

Keep it updated! Don’t forget to refresh your inventory every time something changes so you don’t lose track of your items or misplace them.

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