Grow Your Small Business with Self Storage in Barnsley

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Grow Your Small Business with Self Storage in Barnsley

28 May 2014 –– Commercial
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Small businesses in the UK are growing rapidly and make up roughly ninety nine per cent of all UK businesses. A small business is any business with forty nine or less employees. The vast majority however, are mostly micro businesses with less than ten employees and most having no employees at all! Around seventy four per cent of UK businesses, have no employees at all. And a further twenty one per cent have one to nine employees. In total sixty two per cent of all UK businesses are sole traders. So, almost all UK businesses are ‘micro’ and the majority are sole traders. Interestingly, the number of businesses without employees is rising rapidly and is driving the increase in the number of businesses in the UK. You could say that was down to the recession, but it actually began to increase rapidly when the internet became widely available.

Helping Small Businesses

The government are really backing small businesses and there is funding widely available to most people looking to set up their own business venture. From grants, finance and loans, business support and mentoring and funding to help start small businesses. With all this help and support in place why not take a shot and have a go at setting up your own business venture? Imagine the freedom of being your own boss, and the financial gains you could be rewarded with if things take off!

Take Advantage of the Facilities at our Barnsley Self Storage Centre!

With all that said and the various help available, there is only one question left where are you going to store all your stock? Look no further than Store First self storage in Barnsley! With storage units from as small as 10sqft all the way up to 475sqft we really can grow with your business. Storage isn’t the only thing included in your price; we also have free meeting and board rooms, free Wi-Fi and delivery acceptance and much more! So why not give it a shot and give us a call today on 01226 817817. Store First Barnsley: the home of your small business!