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Great value self-storage - guaranteed

16 Jul 2014 –– Self Storage
Store First self-storage offers great value to personal and business customers

Have you ever looked into buying something and thought the price was too good to be true? It is found often when looking to purchase something, whether it be a new car or a holiday there is always those hidden extras that you didn’t bargain for that weren’t included in the price you were quoted.

You won't find hidden self-storage costs here!

This is found often when looking for self-storage; you are quoted a good price and then when you dig a little deeper there are a lot of extra costs that you didn’t realise. For instance a lot of companies expect you to pay a security deposit, or want you to buy your own lock. The list is endless and before you know it the good price you were quoted to get you through the door has disappeared and you are left with a hefty bill.

However here at Store First we are passionate about open and honest pricing! The price that we quote you when you enquire is the price you pay. We are the only self storage company around that will provide you with all our prices to browse at your own leisure without the stress of people phoning and emailing you to try and persuade you to buy.

Get a quick quote with our online storage price tool

Our online storage price tool is set up with three easy slide bars one for the term you wish to stay, one for the size of pod you require, and one for the insurance value of your goods. The price you are then shown on the page really is the price you will pay. No hidden extras just simple honest pricing. If this appeals to you why not long onto our website today for a free quote at Once you are happy you can print email or ask for a call back. If you want a great price on your storage without the hassle, get in touch with us at Store First today!