Got a summer hobby? Keep stuff safe in Leeds self storage

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Got a summer hobby? Keep stuff safe in Leeds self storage

11 Jul 2014 –– Self Storage
Self-storage is handy for hobbying

Summer's here (at last!) and it’s the time for all those summer sports and activities. Lots of people would love to buy a few surfboards, some diving kit or even a jet ski. Though one problem that does come to light is where to store it while not in use. Squeezing it down the side of the car in the garage (if you have a garage) is one option. But there’s a chance it could get damaged or even perish when the harsh winter weather comes in. It would be disappointing to get all your kit out the following summer just to find your expensive jet ski going rusty or your scuba gear perished due to the changing weather conditions over the cold season.

So, to all you budding adventure or extreme sports followers, there is an excellent solution!

Store First Leeds can solve all these storage problems...

We’re a purpose built self storage centre 200 yards away from J44 of the M1 and round the corner from the end of the M621, so no wasted time queuing in traffic in the city centre when that time can be better spent surfing the waves and stacking up the barbie on the beach!

Besides offering competition beating prices there’s so much more on offer! Should you be in a diving club or such like, you can take advantage of our conference room for meetings, complete with a 50 inch screen on the wall ready to connect up to your laptop so you can look at all the snaps you took on your last trip. We also boast a canteen with free tea and coffee making facilities, and free Wi-Fi so you can relax and catch up on your emails.

Fully Equipped Leeds Self Storage Facilities

For all you sporty types we have a fully equipped gym that again is totally free to use! 24 hour access is available for those early starts and late finishes when you’re taking full advantage of the long summer days. And during the winter all your equipment will be snug in our Leeds storage units awaiting the following summer!

You can get an instant storage price for your requirements online, or if you would like some assistance with determining the size of storage unit you need please call our sales team on 0113 819 9819 who will be more than happy to help you.