Getting Fit for New Year? Use the Gym at Our Self Storage Units!

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Getting Fit for New Year? Use the Gym at Our Self Storage Units!

06 Jan 2014 –– Self Storage News
Store First Gym

What’s your new year’s resolution?

It may be that you plan to learn a new skill such as playing an instrument or driving. You could plan to progress in your career or improve your home. Most of us if we’re honest stick to the basics of losing weight or quitting a nasty habit. It’s no secret that gym memberships rocket in the New Year as people desperately attempt to budge the festive flab they’ve gained. If your new year’s resolution will be to get in shape you may have more options than you think.

Joining a gym can be expensive especially when by the end of February chances are your new found eagerness for the body of an Adonis is wearing off.

You may only commit for a couple of months but you will continue to pay the monthly bill because to cancel would be admitting defeat and you are not a quitter (the irony is overwhelming).

A Free to Use Fully Equipped Gym at Leeds and Derby Self Storage Units

There is another option! The self storage units at Store First Leeds and Store First Derby have a newly installed customer gym, which is fully kitted out with state of the art equipment and is FREE to use for every customer. Couple that with the fact that our self storage units start from as little as £4.50 per week. With sizes from 10²feet to 475²feet we have the right storage solution for you, whether you want to clear some clutter from your house or keep your valuables in a safe, secure environment. When you reach the point where the gym becomes less of a priority, rather than continuing to pay a membership fee for a service you are not using you will still have your storage space to utilise. How good is that?

The benefits of choosing self storage units at Store First do not end there.

Every customer can use any of our facilities that include:

  • Unlimited 24 hour access
  • Free WIFI
  • Free use of offices
  • Free use of boardrooms
  • Customer kitchen
  • Customer shower
  • Break out areas

Store First Has It All!

If you plan to improve your home as well as yourself this New Year, Store First is a perfect choice. It’s much easier to make home improvements when your belongings are stored safe and secure out of the way. We can pick up your belongings and bring them in to your self storage unit FREE OF CHARGE in our store van. We can even visit your home to give you an accurate price on the pod you need if you are unsure of the size required.

Our prices are guaranteed to be the lowest available and our purpose built facilities are second to none. Call the team today and see what Store First can do for you. Or why not visit us and see all the facilities and self storage units for yourself? If you are planning to join the gym this January Store First may not be the usual choice but with all these benefits it should be your first.

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