When You Have The Furniture But Not The House

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When You Have the Furniture But Not the House

07 Mar 2019 –– Tips & Advice
When You Have the Furniture But Not the House

Guest post by CompareMyMove.com

The time between planning moving house and actually moving house can be tricky if you want to make a head start on buying furniture.

It makes the situation even more difficult when you find the perfect pieces of furniture whilst you’re saving for your house, but have limited space in your small flat or house to store the items.

Using a storage service can alleviate you of some of the stress of moving house by offering flexible solutions such as the option to store items for a short or long amount of time.

Don’t forget that removal services can transport all of your furniture when you’re ready to move house.

Inherited Furniture

Maybe you've inherited some great furniture pieces from a family member that you need to find a home for after their death, which could prove to be difficult when you’re in between houses. You know you’ll regret giving away your inherited furniture and would like to keep the tradition going.

Why not see if a family member could look after the furniture for you whilst you’re in the process of moving house? Alternatively, putting your items in a storage unit will allow you to store the items for a short or long period of time whilst you wait to move house. Even once you’ve moved in, you can still opt to keep your furniture in storage until you’re ready to use it.

Find a Vintage Piece of Furniture

You find a vintage item of furniture on eBay that you’ve been searching for for a long time and you know if you don’t buy it now, someone else will. If you’re living in a small flat, you’re likely to have limited space for more furniture. But, you know that vintage chair will be perfect for the house you’re going to be buying soon.

Buying the chair now and keeping it in storage will solve your issue. Storage companies can tailor a plan to meet your specific needs, such as only keeping your chair in storage for a certain amount of weeks if you already have a day for moving.

Grab a Bargain on a Holiday

Imagine falling in love with a great table you see whilst on holiday, and then imagine your devastation when you realise you only have hand luggage. You talk yourself out of buying the table as you’re currently living with family whilst you wait to move into your new house, but you know it’ll perfectly match the style of your new house.

You will have to organise transporting the table to your location. Many storage companies can provide a service that will pick up your purchases from a shop and deliver them to your storage unit whilst you’re in between houses, depending on the location.

Gifts From Friends and Family

If you’re waiting to move into your new house, your friends and family will want to buy you a gift for your home. This can prove to be difficult if you’re currently renting a small flat and don’t have the room to store any gifts, especially furniture.

With a storage service, you’ll be allowed to choose how long you’d like to store your items for until you’ve moved into your new home. If you ever change your mind and want your items back, many storage services allow you to access your items 24/7 as well as provide flexible storage plans.

Using storage when you’re in the middle of moving house will provide you with a flexible and stress-free solution to your limited space.

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