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Essential Tips for Using Long Term Self Storage

18 Oct 2022 –– Tips & Advice

Preparing your items for long-term storage requires a bit more time and effort. You want them to be in the same good condition as what you stored them in by the time you retrieve them.

Advice from Toby Whittaker, Managing Director, Store First Ltd

Use proper storage packaging.

Plastic bags can cause mildew and musty smells if clothing and textiles are stored in them. They also won't provide any protection if anything falls on the items. Using actual packing boxes that are stronger will protect your commodities and are ideal for long-term storage. Parcel tape keeps out dust and secures your packages.

Get fragile items wrapped well in bubble wrap or newspaper, and ensure all the weight is evenly distributed in the boxes to avoid tipping. Mark the boxes with 'fragile' so extra care is taken when moving them. 

Clean your storage items

Ensure you've cleaned appliances thoroughly by wiping the interior and exterior with baking soda or bleach, so they don't tarnish in storage

£15,000 contents protection service

If you're moving overseas or going to be away from your storage for a long time, you can rest easy that your contents are protected with Store First. All our prices include the Contents Protection Service cover to secure the premises and your belongings against risks such as fire, explosion, insect or vermin and theft involving violence or the use of force.

Label up and keep an inventory

Labelling all your boxes and keeping an inventory helps you keep track of your items, especially ideal if you are storing lots of small things or need to dip in and out of your storage frequently.