Don't Struggle with Storage - Use Self Storage Units Blackburn!

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Don't Struggle with Storage - Use Self Storage Units Blackburn!

28 Jun 2013 –– Self Storage News

Say ‘bye bye’ to your winter warmers!!

Well summer is here and the one thing on my mind at the minute is how on earth am I going to fit my new summer clothes into my wardrobe!! That’s easy... I’ll just put my winter clothes into storage! At Store First we have every kind of packaging you could possibly need to make sure your items are perfectly packed and protected while they are in self storage units Blackburn.

You can pick the packaging up yourself or we can deliver direct to your door, freeing up your valuable time.

Self Storage Units Blackburn are Ideal for Storing Winter Clothing

You can use the wardrobe box for all your winter clothes, small boxes for your accessories, medium boxes for your handbags and if you’re anything like me you will definitely need a few large boxes for your shoes!!

self storage units Blackburn

Finding space for all your summer clothes and holiday items can be tough which is why Store First self storage units Blackburn offer the perfect solution. With flexible, no-obligation contracts and store pods in various sizes to suit your needs, our storage facilities can be yours for just £1 for your first 4 weeks!!

Plus you can take advantage of all the facilities on-site at self storage units Blackburn including free WiFi, boardroom and meeting facilities, gymnasium, cooking facilities and much more. We take the security of your goods very seriously which is why we operate several security measures for our self storage units Blackburn and all our other sites.

Safe and Secure Self Storage

Each storepod is equipped with its own security and fire alarm while state-of-the-art CCTV covers the entire facility. Self storage units Blackburn are manned seven days a week and are protected by coded gates, high security roller shutters and a high-tech alarm system which is linked directly to the Police for rapid response.

So why struggle storing all your summer stuff when you have Store First self storage units Blackburn at your disposal?

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