Creative Ideas for Self Storage

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Creative Ideas for Self Storage

15 Jul 2014 –– Self Storage
Creative self-storage ideas

Self-storage facilities are still quite a new concept in the UK. Our Wakefield storage branch, for example, is still bright and new with it not even being a year old yet. However, the storage units are filling up fast. Previously the only way to store your belongings would be in a garage or container. Whereas garages will always have a place in people’s gardens or just down the street storage containers are being used for some very interesting ideas these days.

Storage Containers are Used for Shops and Flats

We at Store First Wakefield was thinking of some interesting uses for the old outdated storage containers. While searching the web we found many interesting ideas. Ever heard of a pop-up shop? By definition, it’s a retail unit that exists for a temporary time in a location. Maybe you will have seen a container being used for this in your local town or city. Other interesting ideas that showed up included them being turned into restaurants, electrical housing units for businesses, being used in obstacle courses and even being converted into flats or houses.

If you’re already using a storage container why not think of how much you could benefit from switching to one of our storage units. Why store your important processions in a container unit that will most likely be in some field or outside in open space where your belongings could easily get damaged by weather conditions, as containers, unless modified, can not 100% guarantee to be waterproof.

Great Value Self Storage Units with FREE Facilities!

We at Store First Wakefield can offer safe, secure and protected storage units to you at an amazing price. Not to mention our other facilities available on-site including a kitchen. If you do find yourself being swayed by the cheaper price of container storage why not take a second to think of what extras a few more pounds may give you and let that storage container be turned into something much more useful?