Can You Run A Business From A Storage Unit?

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Can You Run A Business From A Storage Unit?

29 Mar 2022 –– Tips & Advice

Whether you're online, a local contractor, or a market business, many different types of companies can benefit from running out of a storage unit.

Running your business from a storage unit can be a cost-effective way for small or seasonal companies to have an organised space to work and hold stock without having to worry about utility bills or any unwanted expenses. At our Store First storage locations across the UK, our flexible leases allow you to only pay for the space you need and when you need it.

Online shops

Running an online store from home can mean you end up with less room for your home life as space becomes filled with boxes and stock. Storage space can give you more room to breathe and help organise inventory while having enough space to work. 


Since the pandemic, freelance work has risen due to remote working and flexible opportunities. Working from a storage unit means having a quiet area without office costs and gives you a better work-home life separation. Safely keep your things stored, and with our 24/7 access through our secure system, you can pop in any time you need to!


Running a charity shop requires a lot of space for donations and stock. Having an area where you can easily access those contributions to sort through them and effortlessly upsize your room at no extra cost is a huge benefit.

Local contractors

If you are a local contractor, you may have many tools and heavy equipment that need storage after hours. A storage unit gives you peace of mind that your work valuables will be protected when not in use. We can accommodate a range of machinery and equipment with our available various unit sizes, so you don't have to worry about not having enough space.

Photographers & YouTubers

A self-storage unit can easily double as a photography studio for photographers. If you run a YouTube business, having an area where you can change settings such as backgrounds and lighting can give you the space to have more creativity and variety in your videos.

Events organiser

As an events organiser, an accessible space to store things, such as wedding and party props, decorations, and furniture, is vital to staying organised and prepared. Working from a storage unit means your inventory is safe and easy to access at any time.

Arts, crafts & hobbies

If you have a small business selling your homemade items, a storage unit can provide a space away from your home to act as a fulfilment centre. Whether it's storing canvases, inventory or working in there, it's an affordable option that also keeps your home tidy!

Running your business with us has never been easier with tons of on-site facilities at Store First! As a business customer, you get access to free WiFi, meeting and boardrooms, kitchen and canteens, as well as delivery acceptance - keeping your day-to-day professional and hassle-free. Get an instant price for business storage and find the perfect space for you.