Busting The Myths About Self Storage Facilities

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Busting The Myths About Self Storage Facilities

05 Apr 2022 –– Tips & Advice

There are many common misconceptions about self-storage; what it's used for, who uses it, and what conditions are like inside a storage facility but in reality, it's a whole different story!

Myth: "Self storage is expensive" vs reality: "Self storage is affordable".

People tend to think that using a self-storage facility for a long or short time will lead to multiple expensive payments every month. In reality, it costs a lot less than you think! Whether you're using it for personal use or business storage, it is a cost-effective way to store your items for however long you need - plus, with Store First, you only pay for the space you need! There are no hidden costs and no rent deposit required!

Myth: "Self storage has cold, damp containers" vs reality: "Self storage has modern, clean units with no exposure to outside elements".

Self-storage can often be thought of or depicted on tv and film as cold, damp units that aren't maintained, which is far from the truth! All our storage centres are contemporary buildings with manned receptions that are constantly cleaned and maintained.

Myth: "Using self-storage means you have to sign a long-term contract" vs reality: "Self storage leases are flexible".

Most people believe that to use self-storage, you have to sign tons of contracts that will tie you into a long-term rental that you don't need, and this simply isn't the case. Our flexible licences mean you can shorten or lengthen your lease and upgrade or downsize your space to suit your needs. We make it straightforward and hassle-free so you can move in effortlessly.

Myth: "Self-storage is only used if you need extra space" vs reality: "Self storage is used for various reasons".

Self-storage is often thought of as only being used by accumulators or for overflow items that can't fit in the house. In reality, there are many reasons people use self-storage. Businesses and schools tend to use self-storage long-term, whereas people moving homes or travelling opt for shorter rentals. It is also popular for anyone storing seasonal or hobby items such as golfing or ski equipment.

Myth: "Self-storage isn't safe" vs reality: "Self storage facilities are very safe and secure".

A common misconception about self-storage is that you get given a storage unit, and the only security is a padlock. At Store First, our facilities are covered by state-of-the-art security 24/7, including monitored CCTV, burglar and smoke alarms on top of the highly secure, free padlock we give you when you first move in!

Why not try it for yourself if you’re needing some extra storage space - for whatever reason! Get an instant self-storage price online and find the right solution for you.