Bargain Addict? Store Surplus Stuff in Barnsley Self Storage!

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Bargain Addict? Store Surplus Stuff in Barnsley Self Storage!

23 Jun 2014 –– Self Storage News

Day time television really is as bad as its reputation says. Jezza, Loose women and a number of antique shows are bad enough but if you want to find a new low (I don’t know why you would) you cannot beat international daytime TV. You can find programmes such as Super Scrimpers and Extreme Couponing. Super Scrimpers lets us watch families who refuse to spend money to the point of couples sharing one toothbrush. Extreme Couponing shows us people who use coupons to drastically reduce costs at the supermarket. These people use their vouchers so well that by the end of the shop the store could end up owing them money. To get the best results items have to be bought in bulk. The TV show takes us around the homes of the people and shows how they have stock piles of items they have bulk bought.

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There is no way we could achieve this in our country the best that we can hope for is the odd buy one get one free offer. Occasionally though bargains are out there to take advantage of. Items that are reduced in price for a limited time or with extra free promotions. These products would be ideal to stock up on but having the room at home to store 20 giant boxes of washing powder can be an issue.

Great Value Storage - Even for Scrimpers!

Here at Store First Barnsley we have self storage units available from 10²ft to 475²ft and from as little as £3.50 per week. This means we will have the right amount of space for you even if you are emptying your local Tesco. We have free customer WIFI and break out areas you can find the best deals online before you head out to store. Give us a call today on 01226 817 817 to find out more or for an instant price visit