Banish the Bulge at Barnsley Self Storage

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Banish the Bulge at Barnsley Self Storage

06 Jun 2014 –– Self Storage
Gym at Barnsley self-storage centre

The papers are full of it and it is constantly on TV that obesity is on the rise. We are told we are all overweight and will definitely die from heart disease or diabetes. The government believe that putting extra tax onto fizzy drinks will help tackle the issue. I think most people disagree and see this as just another revenue gainer. The only real solution is for us all to get up off the couch and actually do something about it. Eating healthily and exercising is the solution, but this comes with problems of its own. Eating right can be expensive and let’s be honest it isn’t always the most exciting meal option available. Exercising can put up difficulties of its own. Buying the equipment needed for home will not be healthy for the bank balance and will take up too much space. Joining a gym is probably the best option. Memberships do not come cheap though; £20 a month is the very lowest you could expect to pay.

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At Store First Barnsley we want what is best for our customers, and we provide much more than just storage. Our self storage units range in size from 10²ft to 475²ft and prices start from as little as £3.50 per week, so whether you want to de-clutter the home or need somewhere for surplus business stock, we've got a storage solution in Barnsley for you.

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All our customers benefit from use of wide range of free facilities, including WiFi, boardrooms, kitchen facilities, break out areas and even an onsite gym to name but a few. So from £3.50 per week you get to use the gym as often as you like, in addition to benefiting from reliable and secure self storage which you can access 24/7. Give us a call today on 01226 817 817 or check our online storage prices for an instant quote for your requirements - no details required!