A whistle stop tour of the history of Rochdale

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A whistle stop tour of the history of Rochdale

06 May 2022 –– Latest News

Here at Store First we are proud to offer storage facilities in some of the most historic towns and cities in the UK, no more so than Rochdale in Greater Manchester.

Rochdale – located 11 miles North of Manchester City Centre – has a history tracing back as far as the infamous Domesday Book in 1086.

As they say the rest is history and what a history it has been, so we’ve taken a whistle stop tour of the town to learn a bit more about the place which we are delighted to be part of…

  • Rochdale was originally called ‘Recedam Manor’ in the Domesday Book, before changing its name twice, first ‘Rachedale’ and then ultimately ‘Rochdale’ as we know and love it today.
  • Rochdale was granted the Royal Charter in 1251, meaning the town could thrive in the wool, cloth and cattle industries for centuries.
  • Rochdale is most famously known for being the birthplace of the first Co-Operative Movement in 1844 called the Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Society. A revolution in retailing, founded by the otherwise known Rochdale Pioneers, to provide an alternative to poor quality and adulterated food and provisions, all at fairer prices and with honest weights and measures.
  • The Rochdale Pioneers Museum, located only 2.3 miles from our storage space, is seen by many as the home of the Co-Operative Movement. Located on Toad Lane, the museum showcases the wonderful history and inspirations behind the movement.
  • Rochdale Town Hall is one of the stand-out municipal buildings in the UK – built in the 19th Century and which still to this day tells the story of the people of Rochdale and the town’s history.
  • Touchstones Rochdale - located in a beautiful historic Grade II listed building and only two miles from Store First Rochdale – is an award winning Arts and Heritage Centre including a Museum, Art Gallery, Visitor Information Centre, Local Studies Centre and Café. A wonderful nod to Rochdale’s fantastic past, present and future.

A fantastic town to be part of, our storage facility proudly sits on Crown Business Park just off the A664 at Queensway near Sandbrook Park, close to Junction 20 of the M62.

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