6 tips for students travelling on a budget this summer

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6 tips for students travelling on a budget

05 Apr 2017 –– Tips & Advice
tips for students travelling on a budget

Travelling on a budget is easier than you think...

From choosing your ideal destination to deciding on where to rest your head for the night - we have 6 top tips for students travelling on a budget.

Choose your flights carefully

If you’re entirely happy to let your budget decide where and when you travel, then check out Skyscanner.

Simply enter your departing airport and choose ‘flexible’ in the destination box - rather than picking a specific date, choose ‘whole month’ and ‘cheapest month’ – hit the ‘search flights’ button and you’ll be presented with a list of destinations and their prices in descending order. Go ahead and pick one you like the look of, but remember, what you save in airfare could easily be made up in destination costs.

For a more realistic travel cost, you should take into consideration a number of things - from airfare to accommodation and activity costs.

Although you will find flights to Asia are infinitely more expensive than European flights, the cost of living in Asia will be considerably cheaper, so look at the wider picture before booking anything.

Consider other forms of transport

Don’t be afraid to explore other forms of transportation whilst travelling on a budget; not only can it save you a huge amount of money, you’ll also see much more of the world this way.

A hugely popular form of transport is by train.

Ever heard of Interrailing? Travel across the entirety of Europe on a train from as little as £152 – it’s a no brainer!

Another thing to account for before setting off on your travels is the cost of daily travel, relying on taxis to chauffeur you everywhere will soon eat away at your budget. Make sure you’ve looked into the public transport options available, especially from the airport to your place of accommodation.


Whilst travelling on a budget, think outside the box when it comes to accommodation. Hotels can be expensive, particularly in peak season, so why not try couch surfing ? This site helps like-minded travellers and locals meet, you can use it to make arrangements to lodge with someone who is happy to accommodate you for the night, totally free!

Hostels are another form of accommodation you can do on the cheap. Better yet, most hostels come with free Wi-Fi and a kitchen area (so no need to spend above and beyond dining out!). You might even find that some hostels offer a hearty breakfast included in the price.

Lest we forget, mother nature is always at our disposal. If you don’t mind sharing your bed with a few critters, then why not pitch up a tent and camp out under the stars.


Sightseeing can easily become the biggest financial drain whilst travelling on a budget – nobody is telling you to miss out on the local culture – but what you should do is be realistic, plan ahead and decide which things you really want to see and which you could give a miss.

Planning some of the bigger excursions or attractions in advance means you can work out which other tourist attractions your left-over budget permits you to see, and even if it isn’t much, you at least know the most important excursions are paid for in advance.

Work as you travel

This is entirely dependent on where you choose to travel, and having the correct visas in place – all being well, you should be able to pick up small jobs here and there, as you go.

If you find yourself in an area immersed in backpackers, then you’ll find it easier to land a job; locals love to hire people who understand their target audience.

Tip: Landing a job in a restaurant or cafe will usually mean you get at least one meal each shift thrown in too!

If you plan on spending a considerable amount of time in one area, then why not try to get a job before you go? Agencies such as Yummy Travel and Bunac help students find jobs within leading companies worldwide. Travelling with an agency also takes away the uncertainty of travelling abroad, with accommodation and 24-hour support included, it’s the easiest way to travel the world with like-minded people.


By simply reducing the amount of luggage you take on your travels, you can not only make your transport cheaper by not having to pay check-in fees, you can also make it simpler to move around and visit more places. A simple backpack-full of the essentials is all you’ll need.

What to do with your belongings while you’re away?

If you’re struggling to find a place to home your belongings while you’re away travelling, you can use self-storage for students to keep your belongings in a safe and secure environment.

Store First have storage facilities to suit all requirements. From 15 Sq. Ft, right through to 475 Sq. Ft, across 15 stores nationwide.

With a free pick-up service included, what could be easier?