5 Items To Put In Self-Storage When Selling Your Home

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5 Items To Put In Self-Storage When Selling Your Home

12 May 2022 –– Tips & Advice

Help your home sell faster and for a higher price by storing these items before you start viewings.

Turning your house into a "show home" can help prospective buyers get a better feel for it. We've looked at the type of household items that are better to be put into self-storage when you put your house on the market.

Personal pictures & souvenirs

A few carefully placed pictures or artworks can be essential to bring a welcoming feel to the home, but too many on the walls and surfaces can seem overbearing and make it feel cluttered. Placing them into storage keeps them safe during the move and provides peace of mind that you know where they are and won't get damaged or lost.

Old clothes and seasonal items

Any piles of old clothes or seasonal items - whether they're coats or sports equipment, anything that isn't necessary don't need to be in the house. Buyers look for ample storage space - anything that is left lying around makes it seem like there isn't enough room and can be off-putting to anyone viewing your home.

Kitchen appliances

Any kitchen appliances on your worktops, such as blenders or waffle makers, can look cluttered in photos and seem like your kitchen lacks space. An uninterrupted work surface with just a few items like a kettle or knife block can give images a better depth and perspective. Putting your infrequent kitchen appliances into storage keeps them out of the way until you need them.

Tools and DIY supplies

Having loose tools or any DIY supplies lying around the house isn't ideal when showing prospective buyers around. Whether they're for personal or business use, keeping them in storage and out of the way will make your home feel cluttered. At Store First, you can access your items 24/7, so you don't have to worry about not being able to get your things when they're needed.

Bikes and sports equipment

If bikes or bulky sports equipment are the first things you see when you enter the hallway, it doesn't leave a good impression on the viewer. Yes, they may be easy to access if you use them a lot, but if not, your home will be much more appealing if they're hidden away in storage.

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