5 genius storage hacks for students

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5 genius storage hacks for students

14 Sept 2016 –– Tips & Advice
Storage hacks for students

Freshers' week is in full swing at some UK universities and fast approaching at others. So, we've put together some self-storage hacks for students looking to maximise space in halls of residence and pokey shared houses.

Student digs in halls or house-shares can be what estate agents might affectionately refer to as "bijou", "compact" or "cosy" - all diplomatic terms for small. Plus, as student houses are generally rented there are limits to what you can do. Most landlords are not huge fans of tenants drilling random holes in walls or nailing hooks onto doors. Therefore, you may have to be a bit smarter when it comes to the ways you store your stuff.

So with that in mind, we've cast our minds back to our uni days and trawled the web for ideas to help those of you heading back to uni, or starting out on your degree course, to make the most of the space you have.

1. Stash it

This bedside caddy from Amazon is a genius way of stashing phone, books, remote control, magazines and glasses in the absence of a bedside table. It takes up virtually no room and won't make a massive dent in your student loan, coming in just under a tenner.

2. Clip it

Mini bulldog clips make the perfect storage system for all those cables that seem to gather in a big tangled mess under your desk. Plus, you'll save yourself valuable seconds plugging everything straight in instead of scrambling around untangling myriad wires each time you sit down to start work. No more excuses! (pic: lifehacking.nl)

3. Shrink it

Pack away half your wardrobe for sunnier or colder climes in a vacuum bag. You can pick up a couple of jumbo bags from Tesco for a fiver. Once you've zapped all the air out of them they'll flatten and reduce considerably in size to slip easily under your bed. Ready to be unwrapped and rediscovered next season.

Vacuum packing protects your clothes, bedding and more from dust and damp. It leaves everything in tip top condition until you're ready for it.

Just make sure you'll have access to a hoover when you get to halls or your shared house. Or, vac it all up before you set off to save precious space in your parents' car en route.

4. Sort it

Shoe organisers aren't just for footwear.

Pick up a few for under £5 from Ikea and they could soon become a firm ally in the war against clutter.

Fit them onto the back of wardrobe doors to create space to store your belts, scarves, ties, jewellery and more. Or, if you have a small en-suite bathroom as part of your room in halls or you bravely decide to take responsibility for keeping a shared bathroom clean (rather you than us), hang one on the back of the bathroom door to neatly house cleaning products without taking up limited floor and cupboard space.

If you find yourself on an organisational spree, they could even keep your snacks displayed in an orderly fashion behind your bedroom door or inside a kitchen cupboard... Although we can't take responsibility for the hoards of hungry housemates that are bound to start raiding your stash when they pile in from a night out after discovering your tasty little storage secret.

5. Store it

Tried all of these self-storage tips and tricks yet still find yourself with simply too much stuff to fit into your confined space in halls or a shared flat? You can always turn to us to satisfy your student storage needs.

Store First has centres up and down the country. Many are located in and around university towns and cities. You can find us in Liverpool, Nottingham, Derby, Leeds, Manchester, Preston and Northampton. We offer fantastic rates and flexible lease terms for students. So,whether you need long-term space or just somewhere to store your belongings during the academic holidays, we're here to help (and our free pickup service always comes in handy too).

Find your nearest store at www.storefirst.com/locations