Self Storage for Schools & Teachers

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How Self Storage Can Help You Make The Most Of Your Classroom Space

18 Apr 2022 –– Tips & Advice

We look at the 4 reasons teachers and schools can benefit from using self-storage

It's easy for school items to take up valuable space and start getting in the way. It can leave you feeling unorganised with a cramped classroom. Self-storage can be the ideal solution and allow you to have more freedom and space in your classroom.

Maximise classroom space

Limited classroom space can be challenging. Whether you're sharing your space with other teachers or just working from a small room, it can quickly become overloaded with books and equipment on top of the space taken up by desks. Although there are plenty of innovative ideas to help you organise the equipment you need every day, you only have so much square footage to keep the room spacious. Self-storage is a great way to store teaching supplies that you don't use every day so you can maximise your classroom space without the hassle of unnecessary clutter.

Stay organised

Renting a storage unit for teaching supplies can help you stay on top of things. If you're an avid labeller, you can easily organise, categorise and index any storage items, whether it's paperwork, spare uniforms, art supplies and more. You can create a storage system that suits you best. Heavy equipment underneath or least-used items at the back to make it the most accessible. Store First’s facilities offer you many benefits including 24/7 access to your unit so you can quickly grab and go any time you need something.

Store extra school equipment

Whether it's seasonal decorations, stage equipment, exam tables or extra chairs, a storage unit can give you the space to hold additional school furniture and large equipment. Storing valuable equipment off-site in a storage unit can also provide you with peace of mind that it won't get damaged or stolen. Our facilities are protected 24/7 with monitored CCTV and state-of-the-art security systems.

Reduce stress and anxiety

A cluttered, overloaded classroom can increase stress and anxiety for both teachers and pupils. With no room to move and things in the way, it can lead to unproductive, unhappy students. Self-storage gives you the space to get organised and keep things in their place, easing any extra stress of too much mess in the classroom.

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