Our Promise To You

At Store First we strive to be customer champions, and to be the only option when customers are looking into storage. We know that shopping around for storage can be time consuming and sometimes be a minefield. That's why not only do we offer industry leading facilities, we make our prices simple, honest and easy to understand. At Store First we pride ourselves on the following:

  • Once you have taken up a unit with us we guarantee to keep your agreed rate the same. No customer of Store First has ever been subjected to obligatory price increases (Many other companies will increase your ongoing rate every 6-12 months)
  • We always offer our customers the best price and deal, first time around (Many other companies try to charge higher rates only to renegotiate and price match if they have to)
  • All prices that we quote are inclusive of what you need to pay including contents protection Service (upto £10,000) and a free padlock. No nasty surprises on the day you come to move in
  • At Store First we don't ask for a security deposit to store with us, ensuring we keep your initial move in cost down
  • We offer totally free pick-ups to help customers with the moving process (Please contact your local store for further details)
  • All our facilities, including WiFi, Boadroom/Meeting rooms, Gym usage, Delivery and Collection and Forklifting, are included within the price you pay
  • We know that plans change and to make your life as simple as possible we require no notice to vacate your unit (other companies will charge you penalty days if notice is not given)

Jesse dares you to take the Store First Price Challenge!

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