SSA CEO advises members not to compete with Store First on self storage prices

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Its great news for Store First as the Chief Executive Officer of the UK Self Storage Association, Ronnie Schafer, advises other self storage companies in the UK not to compete with us on price.

In a recent Self Storage Focus magazine article Mr Schafer advised his members….

“Most importantly try to avoid getting into a price war with Store First as they are not operating on the same playing field as other self storage operations and have the ability to reduce rates to levels which are simply not profitable [for other self storage companies]”

What an endorsement  by one of the self storage industries leading figures that Store First offer the best value self storage in the UK.

We could not agree more, Store First does not operate like any other self storage company in the UK. For years the self storage market has operated under a veil of secret pricing and dishonesty with their own customers. Store First has pioneered a more honest and visible approach with customers in our open pricing policy. Anybody can visit our website and have full transparency of our prices. What you see is what you pay its as simple as that, no hidden charges, no surprise insurance added on when its time to move in, no rate increases every 6 months, just simple honest pricing.

We have a model which offers tenants the very best facilities in the UK self storage market at a price which is cheaper than anyone else. We have now been operating for over 4 years, are the fastest gorwing self storage company in the UK and operate the largest self storage facility in Europe at Glasgow Airport……



How often can a potential customer, whether they be business or domestic, find a company that offers the very best product at the cheapest price delivered in a totally honest way? Well they can at Store First !

Our product and self storage prices are so good other companies simply cannot compete.




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