Ikea's top 5 budget home trends for 2020

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Ikea's top 5 budget home trends for 2020

13 Aug 2019 –– Tips & Advice
Image: Ikea

The Ikea catalogue for 2020 has launched, bringing with it a wave of new trends set to take over our homes next year. So what are the hottest interiors trends for 2020, and how can we incorporate them into our own homes on a budget? 

Neo mint 

Last year, trend forecaster WGSN revealed that the colour of the year for 2020 would be a pastel shade of green, which they dubbed "neo mint". They predicted neo mint would dominate homes, catwalks and wardrobes everywhere - and it seems the Swedish retailer has taken the pastel trend and run with it for 2020.

There are plenty of ways to add a cheap injection of pastel perfection into your home next year, with candy floss pink vases and a plant stand in the perfect shade of neo mint coming in well under £25. Pieces like this are a great way to introduce a new trend into your home, without committing too hard by repainting or investing in expensive items like furniture. In fact, a pop of any pastel colour can also be a great way to freshen up a tired-looking room.

Bedding is another great way to brighten up your home on a budget, as it's a relatively low-budget product which can dominate the room (in a good or bad way!). Luckily, Ikea has plenty of pastel bedding options to upgrade your room instantly. Following on from this year's tie dye trend, next year's fabrics feature colour gradients which are set to be big news in interiors - pick up a new bedding set in a pastel gradient, like neo mint, and you're hitting two huge home trends in one go, without breaking the bank!


Not an interiors trend as such, but improved sleep is a notion we can all get behind as we struggle to get our eight hours' shut-eye. Well, the Ikea catalogue for 2020 has a firm focus on sleep, and how we can get more of it.  In a press release which accompanied the catalogue drop, Ikea said: "This year, we’re so inspired by how much good sleep can affect people’s lives, that we not only want to spread the word, we want to start a sleep movement."

So, if you're thinking about how you can get a better night's rest, think ergonomic pillows, luxurious beds at affordable prices, sustainable cotton bedding, blackout blinds, dimmer lamps and even sound-absorbing panels.

And if all that clutter in your home is still keeping you up at night, you can always rely on us to take it off your hands ;) 


Geometric designs and patterns have been on trend for a while now, and they're showing no sign of disappearing yet. For 2020, you can do geometrics on a budget through bedding, planters or a statement rug in your home.

On the subject of rugs, Ikea has a modular geometric rug option which is set to be a firm favourite in homes thanks to its style and flexibility. The modular style of rug allows us to choose between keeping it all together as one large rug, or split the sections up and use in different rooms, or parts of a room. This is a great way to incorporate the geometric trend into your home, as well as keeping a design trend theme running through several rooms in your house.

The geometric trend is an interesting way to introduce a touch of "maximalism" (one of this year's big interior design trends) into a formerly minimalist home. By experimenting with colours and shapes through a range of budget-friendly accessories, you could discover a new trend that looks perfectly at home in your pad.

Open storage

It's no secret we love storage. So you can imagine our excitement when we discovered storage solutions played a big part in Ikea's vision for how our homes will look in 2020. 

Open storage means proudly displaying all the items you love around your home, using handy storage solutions which are designed to showcase rather than hide your favourite things. In the kitchen, we will see open shelving, racks and storage units, while living spaces will feature open shelves and cabinets. Instead of bundling everything into a cupboard, 2020 will see us embracing our stuff and curating unique collections all around our homes.

For bedrooms, Ikea has even launched an open wardrobe, as well as clear picture ledges and wire wall units.

Like most Ikea products, most of its open storage solutions are budget-friendly if you're looking to spruce up your home or get organised on a shoestring.

Of course, the best-selling RASKOG rolling storage cart will continue to be in stock (and no doubt flying off the shelves), but there will be even more storage carts available for us to incorporate into our bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and even home offices. It's no wonder this gem of a product has been such a hit with shoppers, as it's an affordable, flexible way to store or transport items around the house needed. Plus, with the open storage trend booming in 2020, the RASKOG will be one item that's guaranteed to stay on trend for many years to come. 

(And if you do choose to invest in some smart open storage solutions yet you still find you have more stuff than you can stylishly accommodate in your own home, we're here to offer you an external storage solution that won't cost the earth).


Ikea has launched a range of products made from recycled ocean plastics, as part of its ongoing commitment to becoming a "circular business" with a clear focus on sustainability.

The MUSSELBLOMMA collection includes a bag, cushion cover and tablecloth inspired by the ocean itself. Each product in the range is made using a polyester fabric fabricated from recycled plastic, some of which was collected from the Mediterranean by Spanish fishermen.

Launching this autumn in Italy and Spain, it's highly likely the MUSSELBLOMMA range will be hitting Ikea UK stores soon after if demand is high.

Ikea has made further pledges about its sustainability efforts, announcing that it aims to make all of its polyester-based products using recycled polyester by next year to further reduce waste, landfill and energy usage. 

Looking even further ahead to 2021, Ikea will be introducing a new range of products to encourage shoppers to grow their own fruit and vegetables, inspiring more sustainable lifestyles by slashing food miles and food packaging waste. The range will be designed for everyone, with space-saving solutions for customers who want to grow their own in smaller homes. There will also be indoor and outdoor plant cultivation options, to help users make the most of whatever space they have available to start their own plant collection - and save money in the process.

The good news for eager shoppers is, you don't need to wait until next year to fill your blue bags with the trendsetting items shown in the new Ikea catalogue. In fact, they're all on sale in store and online now, so you can shop to your heart's delight and make sure your home is bang on trend in good time for next year. 

Which trends will you bring into your home?