Is your home office too small? Why not try self-storage?

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Is your home office too small? Why not try self-storage?

15 Jan 2016 –– Commercial News
Is your home office too small?

Working from home doesn’t always work

Sometimes the last thing a small business or a start-up needs is to add the cost of renting office space to its outgoings. However, sometimes, working from home stops being a viable option. And sometimes, whether it’s down to a lack of space, young children running around, not wanting to attribute your home address to your business or one of many other reasons, it is never a viable option.

More and more businesses are turning to self-storage

As a result of the reasons outlined above and innumerable others, more and more SMEs, contractors and start-ups have been turning to self-storage units to help them run their businesses in recent years.

So much so that a survey carried out by the SSA in January 2015, found that in 2014 a record high of 41% of all self-storage space in the UK was occupied by commercial customers.

Why self-storage could be the answer for home-office relocations

If you’re struggling for space, quiet, or just motivation when working in your home-office, then self-storage could be the cost-effective answer.

Store First storage pods offer tenants the opportunity to get a bit of peace and quiet in a clean and professional environment free from the distractions working from home can sometimes bring. They also have the added benefit of helping you to present a professional image and access state-of-the-art business facilities if you have visitors.

Moving your home-office to a Store First storage unit also gives you:

  • Access to boardrooms and meeting rooms;
  • Collection and delivery services;
  • Free mail handling and PO Box services;
  • Use of kitchen facilities;
  • Use of breakout areas;
  • Free WiFi;
  • Free use of gym facilities at most Store First sites; and
  • No long-term contracts, council tax or business rates

E-commerce businesses can make the most of self-storage too!

It is often the case that e-commerce businesses, eBay businesses and other mail order businesses can leave their owners facing the problem of finding their stock overflowing all over their homes.

Using a self-storage facility can provide a cheap and secure alternative for these businesses, giving them 24-hour access to their products and the added peace of mind that comes with the state-of-the-art security measures in place at self-storage facilities.

When a business makes the decision to operate from a Store First self-storage facility it gets a whole host of added benefits in addition to the friendly and professional service provided by Store First staff.

  • Round the clock CCTV and secure 24-hour fob access;
  • Flexibility – no long term contracts or notice periods;
  • The convenient access provided by being close to major motorways;
  • Cheaper than renting warehouse space – with no council tax or business rates to pay;
  • Easily scalable – if your business grows or you need seasonal stock overflow space, we have it;
  • The more storage you need, the cheaper the price per square foot becomes, so higher profit margins as your business grows;
  • Free access to forklift trucks; and
  • All of the other great benefits that are listed in the home office section

So, if your business is fast outgrowing your home office, why not give Store First a call? We’ll be happy to help you to make the move as painless and worry-free as possible.